Light breeze, calm and clear waters, white sand beaches, sunshine, blue skies, dolphins, turtles, big fishes … We have all this in the UAE. So, why not saving on plane ticket & long travel and discover what was always at your doorstep, some of the UAE’s best kept secrets …

Arabian Breeze is the only Sailing Yacht rental (Abu Dhabi) company that takes you on several days trips on a sailing catamaran in the UAE, fully skippered with Captain and Stewardess. With a shallow draft, our Yacht is the best and most comfortable vessel to sail and explore the UAE waters and its shallow lagoons and mangroves !!  Come rent our Yacht from a few hours to several days and we will be delighted to show you the unknown beauty of the UAE islands. Renting our Yacht is an invitation to adventure and exploration out of the beaten tracks. This offer is unique and fully customizable for you… That’s our invitation to freedom and living life.

The specialist multiday sailing yacht charter in the UAE

We are a small size company with big passions. Passion for the sea, passion for sailing, we love being on the water and underwater. Arabian Breeze takes you to faraway places, where the nature is at its best, calm, beautiful and unspoiled. This is what we want to share with you.

Arabian Breeze offers a great staycation and unique getaway to escape Covid and the city hassles, while remaining within the UAE. You will live so much adventure with us that you will feel like you are gone away for more days than you have actually had… and come back home recharged and refreshed, with beautiful memories in mind. 

Call us now 056 197 9779 and let’s plan your custom-made trip based on your preferences!

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  • "Wonderful weekend on the boat, we even being followed by dolphins! Then we took the zodiac to go to an island with white sand beaches...Kids were so happy...I highly recommend this trip. Thank you guys " David Vicente, Facebook
  • "Very clean and tidy room. Relaxing and such a very exciting adventure around the Abu dhabi. So accomodated, polite and very good service staff... You will never regret to have an experience with this Lanisa Yatch of Arabian Breeze Catamaran Sailing... Good Job.." AJ Jewel, Facebook
  • "I back that up! Absolutely amazing and a lifelong memory for the whole family" Kimi Lan, Facebook
  • "Voguer jusqu’à « L’Île aux Flamands roses » visible à marée basse, et après s’être baignés dans une eau translucide, s’enduire le corps, se masser le visage, le cuir chevelu..., avec l’argile trouvée sous vos pieds, quel bien-être !" Mp Pmr, Facebook
  • "We had a wonderful 2 days sailing trip in March 2019, during which we (two families – 4 adults + 4 kids) have been very fortunate with a good wind allowing cruising under sail. We relaxed on beautiful wild secrete beaches and we even managed to fish for our dinner. Our warmest thanks once again to Captain Guillaume for his warm welcome and attention to the details !" Alain Rossetto, Google
  • "First day on the boat for this 2 day trip. Sun, fresh drinks, good food, nice sailing, bath arriving on the island, fishing a king fish and a barracuda, directly cooked on the beach BBQ, good friends and laughs... What else ? I highly recommend that out-of-time journey. Just feel so fine right now." Alexandre Hébert, Facebook
  • "we had a lovery day with a lovely crew at Lanisa Arabian Breeze Catamaran Sailing. dinner on the beach was amazing the sailing was fantastic. great value for a day on the sea." Marnela Ferreras, Facebook

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