Give back campaigns

Clean the UAE Islands and save wildlife

At the start of Arabian Breeze’s story, as we were sailing along the UAE coastline, identifying the nicest spots to take our customers to, we were shocked by the amount of Plastics bags, bottles, steel containers, wood, glass, tyres, cement bags, and concrete debris, fishing net, ropes, oil and other wastes… that are laying on the beautiful islands. These do not only cause visual damage to the area, but also to the birds, turtles, crab, fishes, and corals that get contaminated… We even found animals, mainly birds, that were struggling or dying due to ingestion of plastic caps…

As nature lovers, we decided that we shall be doing something about it and started cleaning up areas where we were going.

Now we decided to help Companies with an Environmental and Sustainability Ethics to contribute and give back to mother nature.

We organise sailing trips, with your employees to a selected island, and have a clean up session.

We believe it is possible to enjoy a great trip to a nice place and to contribute as well to securing that our children will also access to the same nature’s beauty.

We call it having Fun with a Purpose.
Contact us, and let’s organise your clean up the UAE islands session!