Sir Abu Nu'Ayr Island

The Arabian Breeze "Adventure"

Sir Abu Nu’Ayr Island is a 2.5 days charter that starts from Yas Marina Abu Dhabi. We typically leave the marina on Thursday mid-afternoon and come back late afternoon on Saturday. The trip starts and ends with a 2 hours sail through the Yas Channel. From the Louvre Abu Dhabi (end of Yas Channel), we sail straight toward Sir Abu Nu’Ayr. Most of journey happens during the night while you are asleep however you are welcome to stay on the deck and enjoy the beautiful nigh sail under the stars! We arrive at the island in the early hours of the next morning and the full first day is spent enjoying the shallow waters around the island which offer the clearest waters and most beautiful corals in the UAE. In the evening we deploy the anchor in deeper waters about 1 nautical mile South of the island (in order to respect the local regulation).  We have dinner on board the yacht, in general grilled fishes caught earlier during the day. After a good night sleep on the yacht, we wake up with the sun and enjoy a breakfast in the aft cockpit. Then some more snorkelling and paddle boarding. We finally start our journey back to Yas Marina in the late morning and enjoy a lunch while sailing. The rest of the day is all about sailing, deep sea fishing, sunbathing or picking up an adventure book in our own library.