Team Building

Take your Employees on a sailing challenge

Treasure hunt on the islands? Followed by a BBQ on the beach?

Or an initiation to sailing? Put the anchor, turn off the engines or hold on the helm wheel and feel the water pressure on the boat in the palms of your hands, turn the winch crank or pull the ropes to lift the sails, and Feel the wind and that gust that tensions the sails pushing the boat forward…

Take your Fishing rods and let’s go fishing, diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding, Windsurfing, Kite surfing…

Bring your goggles and let go bird or dolphin watching… Watch the stars at night, away from the cities light pollution… Observe the sand banks emerge and disappear as the tide goes up and down.

Call us and let’s talk about what you want to do to reward your hard working team for all they’ve done for your business.

They will enjoy, play, have fun, relax, breathe and resource… in a few words: Have a great time!! And come back to office with an amazing shared experience, Feeling great to be part of your company.